Thursday, 6 January 2011

My Yamaha SR500 cafe racer project

A little bit of a mock up to get an idea of the look.
The rear half of the seat is the back chopped off an old sportster tank.
I bashed the knee cutouts in the tank with a pannel beating hammer.
Took the grinder to the frame and cut off all the shit i dont need.
The motor waiting for attention. the rims have been polished and the hubs i bead blasted.


  1. Nice one! Bang on trend too (if you listen to Billy Joel that is!)

  2. Toddy, there are only so many times I can say nice, cool etc.... but what else can I say.
    Love all of your work and vision and love peeking around the cool workshop, special projects and special tools in the background.

  3. The things in the background are often as interesting as the project thats being photographed. i always spend time studying the background on other peoples posts, some very interesting going on..