Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Fellow Stockers Chubbs 54 panhead we are working on


  1. Nice flame job, looks like that motor should be at least 1600cc and running in Sweden.
    Hello Toddy, first time I come acrosss your blog. Nice AJS motor too.

  2. Hey Renshaw, glad you dropped by.
    The pans ex Boothill.

  3. Hi Toddy,
    You may not know me but I think this Panhead is my old 1954 that I sold to Martin Henderson who later started Boothill. The bike went with him to Spain and I was offered it back last year, alas could not afford it at the time. This bike was in a film with John Reed aka Uncle Bunt called "Fast Company" it was released as 'B' movie to Star Wars when it first came out in UK.

    The bike came from Belgium and was an ex police Hydraglide, and was chopped by Eric from Bishop Auckland. Back then the bike was tangerine flake with black pinstripe flames. I rebuilt the motor fitting new valve seats with Shovel valves and Colony intake manifold, painted the heads red. I have pictures as it was when I rode it for many years and Willie G Davidson kissed it the first time he visited UK.
    Ride Free
    Hank Hancock