Thursday, 5 July 2012

Jiggery pokery

My 45 frame was slightly bet so i had to do some straightening and re tube the rear end.
Just gotta braze it all up now.


  1. Hey I have a 45 frame that needs some work. Would you be interested in having a look at it?

  2. Probably, what needs doing to it.

  3. It's an aftermarket replica frame. It has had the neck put back on but it wasn't done right. The neck is too low on the front down tube so it would need checking, moving up a little and re-welding that's all.
    Looks like your jig would sort that out no problem. If you send me an email I'll reply with some pictures and more details.
    I would really appreciate it as I want to re-frame my 45WLD with it this winter. Cheers, Steve. hairdeluxe(at)hotmail(dot)com